A pencil requires 60 processes to complete


"In the planned economy era, there are 23 fixed pencil factories in the country. There are only two left in the country. It is not easy for us to survive." Wang Xiaoguang worked in the pencil factory in Jinan for 38 years. The problem he often faces is "Jinan Pencil Factory." Anything?"

        Although primary and secondary school students in Jinan today do not use friendly pencils, the Jinan pencil factory has never stopped production, but the products are mainly used for export.

I want to visit the pencil factory in Jinan.

        In the memories of Jinan 70, 80, and 90, Friendship Pencils accompanied them through a wonderful student time. When the children after 00 go to school, the friend-loving pencil is already a strange term. Four years ago, the pencil factory of Jinan Pen Co., Ltd. moved from the prosperous Jingshi Road to the quiet Jibei Development Zone, which further faded the public's vision.

        In fact, Friends of Love Pencil never stopped production. Recently, the reporter came to the pencil production workshop, from a piece of wood board to the finished pencil line, there are 60 processes. The finished pencil is a yellow HB ordinary pencil. There is no "Friendly" logo on it, but English is printed on it.

        The Jinan Pencil Factory was born in 1950. In the planned economy era of unified purchase and marketing, the positioning was export, and only a small amount of pencils were used for domestic sales. In the 1980s and 1990s, the pencil factory was a key enterprise in Jinan. When important foreign guests came to visit Jinan, they must go to the pencil factory and have received Sihanouk. "At the peak of the pencil factory, there were more than 1,500 employees, and went out to say that it was a pencil factory. The waist was very good, and the door was brighter," said Wang Xiaoguang, the current deputy general manager.

        After the import and export business was released, the Jinan pencil factory was suddenly lost, the domestic market never paid attention to it, and the export market did not have the right to speak.

        Never far from Japan, ordering 500 colors of color lead, splicing!

        Under the impact of the market economy, private pencil factories have mushroomed, and there are only two left-end pencil factories in the country. One is the Shanghai China Pencil Factory and the other is the Jinan Pencil Factory. In Wang Xiaoguang's view, it is still the skill level of the old state-owned enterprises that can survive.

        Four years ago, Japan came to order to process 500 color lead and sell it as a cultural product in Japan. In order to find a company that can receive orders in China, Japanese merchants have contacted many pencil factories, but no one dares to pick them up. The Jinan pencil factory originally only produced 120 color lead, but the factory seriously took over the work after serious discussion. There are 500 colors, only 25 colors for rose red, which cannot be discerned by the naked eye. The technicians introduced the deviation and caused a large amount of colored lead materials to be discarded. However, by using chromatographs and strict numbering, the production quickly entered the right track, and the color lead was delivered as scheduled. The Japanese merchants were very satisfied and added orders.

        "Only this one job, we have been busy for more than two years. The higher the technical content, the higher the processing profit. No matter what kind of pencil, as long as the other party asks, we can satisfy." Master Liu, who has worked in the factory for many years, is full of confidence. full.

        At the moment, can the cultural card return to the public's field of vision?

        "In fact, we hope to produce more friends' love pencils and let the old brands re-service the public." In recent years, Jinan Pencil Factory has never given up efforts to expand the domestic market while exporting OEM. According to reports, the profit of pencil production is extremely low. The profit of a penny for a regular pencil is already good. In more cases, it is calculated as “PCT”. Friends of love pencils tried to enter the big supermarket many times, but the high entrance fee made it prohibitive. Currently, it is only available in some small commodity wholesale markets in China.

        During the interview in the factory, the technicians took out the new products of research and development, such as Qianshoutu and Sunzi's Art of War series. “Pencils are not just for writing, they are introduced to the market as cultural products, and they add value. These two series of fraternity pencils have recently been considered for entering the supermarket.”

After the interview, the pencil is not necessarily the "sunset industry"

        The production threshold is low, the profit is meager, and the pencil is written less in the third grade of primary school. Even in the mouth of the old staff of the pencil factory, the pencil industry is also the “sunset industry”.

        The 500-color lead processed by Japanese merchants in the Jinan Pencil Factory was sold as a local cultural product after being taken back to Japan. The retail price of a box was equivalent to nearly RMB 3,000. Recently, the "Secret Garden" coloring book occupies the first place in the British and American Amazon bestseller list, and is popular in Asia. Adults regard coloring as a means of relieving stress. Many netizens post a question asking "Which coloring pen is good". Such two things may provide an idea. The pencil may not be the "sunset industry", and there is still a lot of potential in product creativity and network marketing.


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