Poor quality stationery hurts your child's health


Stationery 1: Pencil

Colored pencils are a must-have stationery for many baby classrooms. They can be used not only for writing, but also for painting. But a naughty baby, it is possible to apply a pencil to the face. This may lead to lead poisoning.

Lead poisoning is called “invisible killer”. The harm of lead poisoning to the baby is mainly to affect the development of the brain and damage many functions of the nervous system, and the damage is also irreversible. Maybe you think that playing with a pencil is a manifestation of your potential, but things are not as simple as you think. Lead poisoning is a chronic development process. There may be no symptoms in the early stage, but as lead poison gradually accumulates in the body, it will gradually endanger physical growth and intelligent development.

Once absorbed by the body, lead is not easily excreted. If your baby has difficulty learning, hyperactivity, inattention, and sudden drop in performance, it is likely to be caused by lead poisoning. Some babies can't sit still all day, always want to kick things, they can't control themselves, and they may be precursors to lead poisoning.

Stationery 2: Scented eraser

Refills such as oranges, cantaloupe, and apples, such as refills and erasers, are popular among many babies. Recently, Weibo has also identified some nostalgic erasers that have retained memories of the 80s. In fact, most of these scented stationery contain volatile substances such as formaldehyde and benzene, which are harmful to the body.

Highlighters are popular among babies, especially those with a fruity taste. Many children are now particularly interested in the scented stationery such as ball-point pens and correction fluids with fruity aromas. They do not know that these stationery may contain harmful substances, which poses a great threat to the health of users.

Inferior fragrance stationery will evaporate organic compounds, and long-term inhalation of these fragrances will definitely damage the human body. Stationery such as a variety of aromatic rubber on the market, the fragrance is hidden in the baby's "invisible killer."

Stationery 3: correction fluid

Wrongly written, many babies like to use the correction fluid to modify, correction fluid has become one of the children's must-have stationery. However, it is well known that the correction fluid contains toxic substances such as benzene and olefin, and the pungent smell of the correction fluid is not good for health for a long time.

Although the correction fluid is small, it is very toxic, because it is a chemical compound. The first one is harmful to xylene. The long-term use can cause long-term chronic damage to the liver, kidneys, etc., even There are a few babies that can cause symptoms like leukemia.

With the volatilization of the correction fluid, toxic substances can be absorbed by the body through the respiratory tract. Light can cause headache, nausea, inflammation of the eyes, nose and throat, and serious damage to the nervous system and blood system.

Stationery 4: homework

Everyone can't think of it. Even the paperwork made of trees will endanger the baby's health. When you buy homework for your baby, most of them are willing to choose the white paper. The whiter the better, the better the paper. clear. In fact, the special white workbook is to add a large amount of fluorescent whitening agent at the time of production, which is toxic risk.

Fluorescent substances are not easily decomposed like ordinary chemical components, and they accumulate in the human body, greatly reducing human immunity and endangering human health. Once inside the body, if the dose reaches a certain level, it is highly likely that the cells will become cancerous. It comes into contact with the wound and binds to the protein, preventing the wound from healing. Excessive intake of fluorescent whitening agents can cause damage to children's vision, skin, etc., especially those who are not yet mature and have relatively weak resistance.

The safety of stationery is worrying, but if parents can go to a regular store to buy stationery from regular manufacturers, I believe that stationery will definitely reduce the amount of harm to children to a minimum.


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