Daily pen care experience


With the advent of the Internet age, we have fewer opportunities to handwrite. Every day, typing on a cold keyboard or sending a message via a mobile phone, traditional letters or documents seem to be drifting away from modern people. When I felt a strange feeling and awkward writing when I was writing, the determination to practice the word was born quietly. The words are like others, I decided to make the writing work neat and beautiful!

The more and more small stationery that chooses the pen is the tradition and the heavy feeling of loving it. I have been buying stationery on Stationery No. 1, and this time is no exception. In addition to the one-stop shopping platform for stationery, Stationery No. 1 is also a good choice for the purchase of personal stationery. Enter the "pen" for the keyword, and the products to choose from are also dazzling. Don't worry about picking your eyes, the caring customer service will give you a satisfactory answer.

For my various questions, the customer service of Stationery No. 1 is patiently answered. Especially in how to maintain the pen, I gave my professional help, which benefited me a lot. I have summarized the following points in the process of using the pen in the future:

1. Use the pen frequently. Don't underestimate this point. A lot of heat is bought for three minutes, and then it is put on the shelf. This is not right, and the habit of using a pen every day can make the pen out of the ink and avoid blocking!

2. Clean the pen every six months. There are people who use the pen every day, and wash them once every six months. Some people clean every month, it is not necessary, there is the possibility of damage to the pen!

3. Never write directly on the hard surface. Since the nib of the pen is easy to wear, you can put a soft object (such as a writing tray, a book, a paper, etc.) under the paper surface before writing to avoid direct contact between the nib and the hard surface, and wear the nib!

4. Cover the end of the pen with a pen cover when using. This may make people laugh and easy to ignore, but this can reduce the situation where the pen tip is on the ground when the pen is on the ground!

5. Keep your hands clean before using the pen. Some pens are made of metal in the pen, and the grease on the hand will erode it over time. If the oily hand touches these metal parts directly, it will easily cause the pen to leak ink!

6. Wash before placing the pen for a long time. Remember to clean the residual ink before using the pen for a long time. Otherwise, the ink will dry out and precipitate, and it will remain in the pen. It will be harder to clean after a long time.

The above six points seem to be insignificant, and in fact have a vital role in the maintenance of everyday pens. I hope that everyone who loves writing as much as I can benefit from it, choose a pen, be kind to it, love it, and use it to practice good words!


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