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Whiteboard pen shopping tips
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Whiteboard pen shopping tips
Whiteboard pen is a writing instrument carried on the whiteboard, similar to the blackboard chalk. This pen is the ink as ink, can be written on a smooth white version, and can be wiped off the whiteboard. Whiteboard pen containing chemicals, will taste a chemical feedstock. After the ink solidified layer formed on the surface mucosa, after wiping strip or become massive particles, without any stain remaining on the board or eraser, eraser wipe finger instead of measuring the effect when the field tests. When writing a batch, you can not put pen never dry head, like writing fluency
Star time when consumers buy a whiteboard pen, can follow the following principles for screening whiteboard pen:
1. smelling odor. Currently on the market mostly white ink water alcohol-soluble ink, alcohol-soluble ink pen whiteboard whiteboard pen is now mainstream varieties. When you open a whiteboard pen cap, if only a faint odor of alcohol and no other bad smells, was good whiteboard pen; if it contains other unpleasant smells, it shows that the whiteboard pen ink contain harmful ingredients should not be purchased;
2. whiteboard pen anti-drying time. When not wearing whiteboard pen cap at room temperature 22 ℃ ~ 25 ℃, set aside a certain time under the conditions of 50% humidity, the writing can still be normal, for the good quality whiteboard pen. Different ink demonstrated performance are not the same, and some whiteboard pen 72 hours after placement can still write;

3. erasable. Erasable into instant erasable and rub the two, instantly erasable is written on the whiteboard from 0 to 30 seconds after using the eraser or soft cloth can be easily wiped off; erasable refers handwriting written on a whiteboard after a period of after the time is still erased.

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