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Marker choose to use common sense
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Marker choose to use common sense
Marker is writing supplies, whiteboard pen, pen, highlighter, pen marks, colored pens, etc., collectively, oil and water-based marker can be divided into two categories, more extensive use.
Optional marker, should first consider its safety performance, priority in purchasing labeled "non-toxic" or "green" products. Optional marker, should also consider their writing performance, writing the water properly, stitch and smooth, no fades, disconnection and ink leakage. Smooth appearance of the surface of the pen, no scrap. Lump sum and accessories not significantly skew the gap. Pen head or tail should be no leakage of ink phenomenon. When you purchase, should also pay attention to the safety cap, the cap should be larger than the diameter of 16mm, or cap, the vent, and to ensure a certain amount of air circulation.
In addition, it should be noted the use of health, do not take the food side, while using the marker, after use, should be promptly wash their hands to prevent the "disease from the mouth." To cap casual title nor in the mouth to prevent accidental ingestion, life-threatening.

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